"Number ONE address
to your technology needs"

We have a wide range of services that meets all your technology needs for your business. We employ the cutting edge technology with great efficiency and help increasing your revenue, minimizing your costs.

Website Design

We offer different types of websites designed, tailored to your needs. We never work with templates, all our designs are custom built to satisfy the unique needs of each business.

  • Entry Level: This type of website will take your company to Internet world quickly and easily. These websites are mostly informational and will help your company to build its professional image by presenting your company to your customers. If you are looking for a low cost solution to have online presence, this is your type.
  • Medium Level: Your needs are more than entry level? You need a robust web site built with many features as feedback system, search, guestbook, forum? We have the solution right here for you. We will work closely with you to identify your business requirements and build out your entire web site to satisfy them.
  • Advanced Level: We have developers highly experienced in cutting-edge technologies and proven solutions. JAVA, ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI, DB2, Oracle, MySQL are only a few of the technologies and products we work with to provide the most effective solutions.
Application Development

We analyze your business processes and requirements to understand work components and deliverables. The next step is to synthesize the components to design a system beyond requirements and expectations. We design the solution by placing the customers into the center by exploiting object-oriented design. We develop proven reliable solutions which are easy to maintain and enhance. From designing to development and implementation we provide a full life cycle project plan. Our implementation model mitigates your risk and initiates the product to take its own life.

Software Implementation and Support

Our employees are highly skilled on Operating Systems, Web Technologies, Software Engineering and Application Development who can provide utmost level of professional services for your IT projects. We enable customers use the most of the information technology by implementing the leading software products such as IBM WebSphere, Sun Java System Web Server, Apache, JAVA, J2EE, PHP, Perl, C++, AIX, Solaris , Linux, Windows. These services can be delivered on client sites and/or off-site.